Abaarso Tech University held its yearly New Student Orientation on November 14, 2019, a one day program designed to facilitate new students in understanding ATU’s programs, campus culture, policies, and expectations as they embark on a three-year journey for their undergraduate degrees.

The program is an awareness-raising initiative taken by ATU to help students and their families understand the unique and dynamic opportunities available to them at Abaarso Tech. Through interactive sessions with faculty members and seniors, the Class of 2022 will get a thorough comprehension of their chosen academic major and its requirements.

On the opening speech, ATU President Dr. Ahmed Esa gave a warm welcome to the new students and thanked them for selecting Abaarso Tech as their university of choice. In his remarks, Dr. Esa spoke about the history and journey of ATU and its vision to bring about a transformational change in Somaliland’s higher education landscape. He explained that ATU’s interdisciplinary curriculum is unique to Somaliland and gives students an entirely holistic education.

Following Dr. Esa’s opening statement, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Ismail said a few words during which he welcomed the new students as they embark on a transformative three-year journey in their lives.

He explained to the students Abaarso Tech’s mission and values, and provided comprehensive information about the institute’s academic and programs, which make ATU to stand out from other institutes of higher education in Somaliland.

The Dean of Software Engineering Department Mr. Mohamed Daud, and the Dean of Life Sciences Department, Mr. Abdirahman Hussein also welcomed the new students to ATU and explained that they will be now joining a University whose unique approach to education will help secure their future as leaders and engaged citizens of Somaliland.

Finally, the cake cutting ceremony has been observed marking the launch of the new academic year of the new freshmen students.

Faculty present at Orientation Ceremony