Departments and Programs

Our undergraduates work shoulder to shoulder with faculty, tackle global challenges,  pursue fundamental questions, and translate ideas into action. The lifeblood of the Institute’s teaching and research enterprise, Abaarso Tech faculty help set the global standard of excellence in their disciplines: They are pioneering scholars who love to teach. Deeply engaged in practice, they topple conventional walls between fields in the push for deeper understanding and fresh ideas.

Undergraduate Programs
  • To enroll in undergraduate programs, students are required to have a high school certificate recognized by Somaliland's Board of Examinations
  • You can register for an Undergraduate Degree program in the Administration Office or you may apply online.
Graduate and Professional Programs

For post-graduate programs, students should have a college degree from a recognized university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent.

You can register for a professional Degree program by the Administration Office or you may apply online.

Short-Course Programs

This program is designed for students that are not currently pursuing a degree. These short courses can help you quickly mastering skills that are needed in the market. If you are looking to enhance your skill set or want to land a job that require a specific skill set, this programs is for you.

Career Development

Abaarso Tech University works with its sister organization, Institute for Practical Research and Training in establishing a Career Development office that can help students in making career decisions that are consistent with their unique talents, aspirations, and skills. Staff from IPRT will help students discover links between their personal traits and career options through individual counseling.

All students can receive training in resume and cover letter writing as well as interview and job search techniques. They are also able to participate in job training programs held periodically by IPRT that will help place them in jobs across the private sector. Students and alumni can access a wide range of employment opportunities at IPRT’s annual skill’s training seminars where a career team led by the organization’s senior executives are available to consult for advice and support throughout your career.

To schedule an appointment:

  • For current students: please link up with IPRT’s office at ATU main campus
  • For alumni: please call +252-528629