President's Statement

Since its inception in 15 October 2010 Abaarso Tech University has strived to value quality over quantity. We have maintained small class sizes and consequently an enviable teacher to student ratios. Our undergraduate alumni have now been accepted for postgraduate studies in world renowned universities including Columbia, Brandies, Oxford and other highly regarded schools in Europe, Africa and Asia. As we move forward into the next ten years, our goal remains to provide the best possible education opportunities to our students in Somaliland and to create a center of educational excellence that matches other educational institutions in Africa and around the world. We value excellence and creativity and our programs and teaching methodologies reflect these twin values.

The University has now added new institutions and resources. In 2017, ATU created a new teaching hospital, the ATU-Daryeel Hospital. This 65-bed hospital, located in one of the most impoverished districts of Hargeisa is now delivering quality health care to a large population in a district whose population exceeds 300,000. Students in our new College of Health Sciences will now have a dedicated teaching hospital for their clinical training and are already engaged in outreach voluntary work in the district and beyond. ATU has also opened a new campus in Buroa, which will serve students in this fast growing city and provide them with the same level of educational opportunities available to our students in the capital.

Our objective remains to produce qualified, competent and inspired students who excel in their subjects of study. We continue to target programs that enhance the socioeconomic growth of our society directly. We are working with government, non-governmental institutions and the business sector to enhance their effectiveness through targeted courses in business intelligence, database management, inventory control and innovative entrepreneurship.


Since its inception in 15 October 2010 Abaarso Tech University has strived to value quality over quantity.

Dr. Ahmed Ese

ATU recognizes that a university’s mission goes beyond teaching students and must include serving the community at-large through research and new knowledge. We are pleased that our students and faculty were able to undertake a number of original research projects. Among completed research projects: The viability of biogas in Somaliland, the contributing factors for the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in Somaliland and the socioeconomic impact of off-grid solar lighting. For the latter project, we were pleased to have collaborated with students and researchers from two of France’s most prestigious schools (HEC Paris and ESSEC Business School). In addition, graduates from ATU’s MBA program prepared their dissertations on original research on a variety of issues concerning the business sector of Somaliland.

Our aim is to inspire our students to imagine and innovate and to become the future creative leadership class of the Somali peninsula and the world. We are proud that our young university is moving forward and upward. New programs and projects are underway. ATU will soon have its own medical school and we are working on a new engineering school campus.

The future is ATU is bright and we want our students to dream big, our faculty to grow through development and research and our society to seek and achieve its rightful place in the world community.

-- Dr. Ahmed Ese, ATU Founder and President